The legacy of CNP Holdings (Pvt) Limited commenced in the late 1980s and incorporated as private limited in 2015. We are known for it is highly maintained business standards in small scale manufacturing footprint in Sri Lanka. The company is situated in Western Province which is part of the famous Coconut Tringle in Sir Lanka.

Our product range represents Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables & Leaves, Bottled Fruits, fruits and vegetable-based Flour, all types of Coconut based products both in Organic and Conventional format.

With the expertise we’ve gained over many years in to manufacturing of our product range, we are fully committed to offer a high-quality product to our customers which is further strengthened with HACCP/GMP & Organic ertifications.

Developing the products to the highest quality has always been our priority and we are looking forward to an exciting future with new ideas and productions while continuing our commitment to quality and values that it has built our success upon.

We would love to expand our Company and we invite the local and global customers/ consumers to buy our products and experience the real natural quality and taste from Sri Lanka


To be the most recognized nature identical food manufacture in Sri Lanka


Ensuring natal foods to the consumer by mean of simple processing conditions using rich quality row materials